Night Photos

I took a little while last night to go practice a bit of night photography. I've not taken many pictures at night, and I need to work on that. Unfortunately, the moon was about halfway full last night when I went out and was due to be up for several more hours. I didn't want to wait that long.

I went out on a little country road a few miles outside of town and took a few shots. This is probably my best one but the moon was really lighting up the clouds! Can't wait for a moonless night. 🙂

best pixels stars

After seeing the effect of the moonlight, I headed back to town. Our neighborhood church put up new lighting and signs not too long ago, and I've wanted to take a picture of them at night for a while. I think it is the whole light versus dark thing that motivated me there. Anyway, this is the photo I ended up with and I really like how it turned out. Let me know your thoughts on either of them.

Faith Baptist small

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