Getting Paid

So, I had a wonderful experience this past Saturday. I went to a park that is out in the country and is usually empty. There is a neat old bridge there. I wanted to get some practice in getting smooth shots with changing perspective.

It was a little bit warm but the humidity was high. I only got seventeen minutes out of my battery. I briefly contemplated changing batteries then decided just to head home. I just finished packing up when I heard "Excuse me" and noticed a lady was approaching me on foot.

She asked, "Can you fly that thing over there?" as she motioned to a car parked under a tree on the other side of the park. While I was contemplating the odd nature of her request, she added, "I'm a home health provider and that guy over there is my patient. He's autistic and would love a chance to see it fly." That got an immediate "yes" out of me.

I let him take some pictures next to it, while it was off, before taking off for another flight. I showed him the legal height I could fly (400ft AGL) and then brought it down in sport mode and zipped it across the ground at about six feet. I am pretty sure he loved it. Strangely, this chance encounter turned out to be my first paying job.

After flying, as I was packing up they were leaving. As the car they were driving approached, I saw the passenger side window coming down. This young man leaned out, waved, and yelled "Thank you Derek. Thank you." I can't deposit that comment in a bank like a check but anyone who thinks I didn't get paid for that job is terribly mistaken.

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