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Our Approach

Our Vision

We want to provide personal service to you or your business with aerial photography and videography.

Our Story

Our Story

After a lifetime of dabbling in multi-media, a purchase of our first drone opened up new interests. Recognizing that the Federal Aviation Administration requirements put limitations on the ability of people to legally provide aerial photography and videography to others, we decided that our area was missing out on the benefits this new perspective can bring to business and personal stories.

Derek Flying one of the drones

Derek Meador


Derek Meador is your Elevated Imagery pilot. Derek is an FAA Certified Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Pilot in Command.

Derek wrote his first computer program on a TRS-80 at the age of eleven and recorded it to a cassette tape. The program consisted of painstakingly programming every individual pixel on an old TV to display a very rough likeness of a starship flying across the screen. He’s been hooked on all forms of digital art since. He grew to use Paint Shop Pro and Corel Draw in the nineties and currently entertains himself with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, and Illustrator.

After spending over twenty years in law enforcement, Derek retired and on his fiftieth birthday his better half convinced him to get something he really wanted. As a result, a GoPro Karm drone was added to the tools of a hobby. Instant magic! Now the owner of two drones, the second a Parrot Anafi, Derek finds himself spending much of his free time looking for places to fly and practicing to get skills necessary for beautiful shots perfected. Most weekends you can find him out enjoying the world from a whole new perspective.

Of course, Derek never lost his love for more traditional forms of art and when flying conditions are poor, or there are flight restrictions in place, he’s likely to be stomping around the rural areas of North Texas or pounding pavement in one of the areas cities with a regular camera looking for that perfect shot.

This sense of wanting the perfect shot, and the pure enjoyment that comes with it is what inspired Derek and his wife Ali to start Elevated Imagery by Derek in the first place. Flying a drone, taking photos, mixing them together to make something that provides a sense of enjoyment to others is not work, it is joy. If you need drone services in the area, give him a call.

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